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  • 28 Feb 2024
    #WakeUpWednesday: Smartphone Safety Tips for Young People

    This free information guide has tips to help young smartphone owners stay safe while enjoying using their device.

    According to Ofcom, 69% of under-18s use a smartphone as their main method of going online. Additionally, 49% of children use them for online gaming – putting smartphones only behind consoles (59%) as the device of choice for playing games on. Most people won’t require such statistical evidence, however, to acknowledge the huge importance of phones to young people.

    Given that Santa’s recent visit is likely to have bestowed smartphones on an even greater number of young people, it’s a particularly opportune moment to ensure that children are able to use their handsets responsibly – and, above all, safely. From passcodes to parental controls, and from screen time to scams, our #WakeUpWednesday guide has the essential advice.

  • 21 Feb 2024
    #WakeUpWednesday:What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Online Dating & Relationships

    This free online safety guide looks into the online dating scene, breaking down the associated risks and letting you know how to stay safe on these platforms.

    Online dating has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the last few years – especially in 2020, when the boat was well and truly rocked for all of us. Apps like MyLOL and Wink have drawn a huge userbase of young people – and it’s not hard to see why. With their sleek design and ease of use, the promise of finding love with but a swipe of your finger is an appealing one indeed.

    It is not, however, all sunshine and rainbows. While these apps have helped bring together many couples who may never have met otherwise, lax security measures and bad actors can turn these apps into a hotbed of #OnlineSafety risks. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide investigates these risks and makes sure you’re equipped to keep your child safe in the world of online dating.

  • 20 Feb 2024
    Community News: Westbridge Dental

    A local dental practice are currently accepting new NHS patient examination appointments for children, please see attached poster.
    To register your interest email with child’s full name and surname, date of birth, full address with postcode, contact information including a mobile number and email address information.
    Don't forget to say your child goes to St Frideswide Primary School

  • 20 Feb 2024
    Measles Letter

    Please find attached a letter regarding Measles vaccination

  • 07 Feb 2024
    #WakeUpWednesday:What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Monkey

    This free online safety guide examines the video chat service Monkey, highlighting several risks and suggesting ways to minimise them.

    With Omegle finally shutting down in late 2023, the top spot among video chat services is up for grabs – and Monkey has its eyes set on the crown. Randomly matching its users for 15-second conversations, the platform’s developers claim to have created a dynamic online space for people to make new connections and, potentially, even some new friends.

    Despite these innocuous-sounding intentions, however, Monkey has been criticised for moderation which may not be comprehensive enough to defend against the obvious dangers that unregulated, random video calls pose to the younger element of the site’s userbase. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide tells trusted adults what they need to know about Monkey.