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Ofsted conducted a routine pre-opening school visit in October 2020, in which they gave the go ahead for St Frideswide to open.


From previous inspections (as St Gregory the Great Primary)


March 2020 Monitoring Visit:

"Standards of behaviour in the primary phase of the school remain high......... Pupils in the
primary phase continue to understand what bullying is and say it rarely happens.

Primary-phase leaders’ records of bullying incidents support this view."


October 2019 Monitoring Visit:

Primary-aged pupils are happy, settled and learning well. In this phase, teachers have high expectations and support pupils to give of their best........Children in the early years get off to a good start. Staff know the children well and work tirelessly to develop children’s language skills, often from very low starting
points. Leaders in the primary phase say that, for many pupils, including thedisadvantaged, reading is the gateway to future success."

June 2019 Monitoring Visit:

"The primary headteacher knows her school well and is clear about her priorities.  She leads with energy, autonomy and rigour. Her plans for improvement are ambitious and strategic. She makes effective use of the primary school improvement partner, ensuring that the work of leaders and staff in the primary school makes a difference. Similar insightful and forward-looking leadership is seen in the early years, which is a strength of the school. The appointments of phase leaders as assistant headteachers in the primary school have raised their status and self-worth and their contribution to school improvement is making a strong impact............In the primary phase, children in the early years are clearly on track to reach national expectations for a good level of development. Early reading is taught well in key stage 1, with most pupils developing fluency in decoding unfamiliar words and sight-reading high-frequency vocabulary. They have plenty of opportunities to practise reading through access to well-matched books for the level they are working at. Teachers and teaching assistants model accurate letters and sounds through reading to pupils. Pupils then go on to read and practise their phonics
knowledge. Further up in the primary phase, pupils of all abilities make sustained progress in writing. The most able pupils confidently write in accurate sentences, with adventurous vocabulary and correct punctuation. "

March 2019 Monitoring Visit:

"Dedication and hard work have gone into ensuring that the older pupils in the primary phase are ready for the demands of Year 6 and secondary school. The head of the primary sector and her team know that some of these pupils will need additional support to meet the expectations for their age group. Younger pupils in key stage 1 and in the early years achieve well and in line with or above national figures. A strong focus on the basics of reading, mathematics and writing, within an engaging and well-planned curriculum, has given pupils a good start."