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Inclusion & SEND


Inclusion is at the core of St Frideswide’s vision and ethos.

At St Frideswide Primary we support children where they are at their point of development and give them the tools, resources and strategies they need to ensure that provision is accessible and equitable for all.

It is our intention to identify early any barriers to learning and development, and ensure that our SEND response is timely, purposeful and aspirational.

Our universal offer is informed by SEND support; strategies, resources and classroom tools that are recommended for children with SEND are readily available to all. This reduces stigma attached to support tools, promotes self-regulation and develops self-efficacy.  

As a school that embraces an Attachment ethos, all school staff have had Attachment Theory and Trauma training and are encouraged to see each child as an individual and analyse behaviour as a legitimate communication method.

We adopt an early identification, assessment and support model for SEND through our SEND process.


SEND Response Process

SEND Paperwork