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    Explorers reflect and review

    1 March 2024 (by Beth Taylor (Beth))

    This week has been a busy week for explorers, with a focus on completing practise SATs as part of assessment week. Everyone has worked incredibly hard, not only completing each booklet, but also experiencing what it will be like when we complete the real thing. This allows the children to not be unnerved and know what to expect in May.

    As historians, we have competed our work on the Space Race, looking at the impact on society today as well as at the time.

    On Thursday we also took part in a cyber champions workshop, looking at how to be safe online. We looked at the use of social media, how to keep our data safe, understanding the settings on our most used apps and websites, and the importance of a strong password. Did you know the 20 most common passwords can be inputted by software quicker than you can type them normally?

    Endurance and Discovery have also been enjoying working with music students from Oxford University, on Wednesdays. We have looked at many features of music and how we can represent them.

    Next week

    In English, we will be continuing our work on Cosmic, exploring sentence stacking while developing our use of punctuation, such colons and semi-colons.

    In Maths, we will be continuing to work on decimals, and then linking these with fractions and percentages.

    We will be scientists, looking at the light and sound, completing a range of experiments to understand just how each one travels and is measured.

    This Thursday is World Book Day, and we're turning it into a cosy and enchanting event for the children. To make the day extra special, we invite all the children to come to school wearing their favourite pyjamas!

    Throughout the day, the children will take part in a series of story sessions to ignite their imagination and love for reading. The children will have the chance to dive into the enchanting world of stories, surrounded by the comfort of their pyjamas.

    We encourage you to send your child dressed in their cosiest pyjamas, ensuring they are ready for a day filled with tales, giggles, and the joy of shared stories.

    Let's make World Book Day a day to remember!


    We have introduced new 10 minute test books with the children, and they will be bringing each one home at different points. The children are to complete 1 test at home, per book, in a timed 10 minute period. They can then mark what they have done, using the answers in the back of the book, and look at how to improve any where they have not scored full marks.

    We hope you have a great weekend.