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    Coral reef Reflect and Review

    1 March 2024 (by Laura Thornton (LauraT))

    We have been learning how to look after our teeth this week. We found out about about healthy food and drink, how to clean each and every tooth using different movements with their brush and the importance of making regular trips to see a Dentist.

    The children learnt that Oral health is just as important as their whole-body health. They learnt that to keep their teeth healthy they need to brush their teeth twice a day, for two minutes. They all had a go with their own toothbrush as they watched a 'Hey Duggee' toothbrush song! The children were all given a toothbrush, toothpaste and an information leaflet for parents, to support healthy toothbrushing routines at home. 

    In Drawing Club the children have been thinking about the story' Not Now Bernard' the children couldn't believe that the monster in the story ate Bernard and that his parents didn't even notice! The children have enjoyed drawing and writing about the story and thinking of new, imagined ideas as we adventured with the story. 

    This week we have been assessing the children in Phonics and Maths and they have wowed us by showing us  how much they can do and remember. Don't forget that alongside reading at home the children can also play Maths Games on Sumdog using their login. It is a great way for children to practice Maths at home and it supports the work that children do with us at school. 

    Next week the children will be practising making pairs in Maths to support their understanding of odd and even numbers. They will be starting to think about measuring length and there will be a shoe shop in our Maths area to support the children with their understanding of size and measuring. 

    We will be very busy preparing for our Mother's day tea. Please remember to let us know if you can come so that we can make sure there are enough cakes and drinks for everyone. The children have been learning to sing a special song for you, so you are in for a real may need your tissues!

    We will be thinking about a funny story called 'The Hairy Toe'. 

    Thursday is World Book Day, and we're turning it into a cosy and enchanting event for the children. To make the day extra special, we invite all the children to come to school wearing their favourite pyjamas!

    Throughout the day, we have planned a delightful series of story sessions to ignite their imagination and love for reading. The children will have the chance to dive into the enchanting world of stories, surrounded by the comfort of their pyjamas.

    We encourage you to send your child dressed in their cosiest pyjamas (or a story character costume if you have one), ensuring they are ready for a day filled with tales, giggles, and the joy of shared stories.

    Let's make World Book Day a day to remember!

    Have a fantastic weekend

    The Coral Reef Team